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About Berkshire Fairfield Financial Services & Insurance, LLC

At Berkshire Fairfield Financial, our focus is twofold. We concentrate on helping individuals and families understand how their money can help them care for their loved ones and realize the lifestyle they desire. We also provide expertise to corporate clients looking to optimize key employee retention and retirement planning.

With this in mind, the financial strategies we offer contemplate input from multiples sources, educate our clients, and move them to meaningful action to attain their goals.

Personal Planning

Berkshire Fairfield Financial offers wealth management services to help you build and protect the financial security necessary to live your dreams.

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Business Planning

We recognize that rewarding talented executives and employees is key to your business’ success. We help you structure plans that motivate your most valuable staff to stay with your organization for many years.

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We are licensed in many states and continue to expand as needed to serve the needs of our valued clients.

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